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You are young and perhaps you do not know the signs of black dating. If you were a little older and a few years wiser in african american marriage, you would realize that the signs black women are giving you are about large. Single black girls are telling you quite blatantly that she is not that into you and this is just a relationship of convenience for her. Please allow me to point out a few of the obvious signs. She has told you that she loves you. When you truly love someone, you love them unconditionally and not just for the moment. You love them for always at least you presume to. If I told african american girls I loved them and they responded with I love you today. I do not think I would take that too well. It is insinuating that tomorrow he perhaps won't love me. African american women has told you that she is not deeply in love with you. You do not have to be african american models to figure this one out. She is already giving herself the easy out when it comes time for her fling to be over with you. So when she wants to dump you, you won't be able to retort with.  Black singles will all too easily remind you that they told you they were never deeply in love with you. Perhaps she will give you the cheesy line I love you like a friend. She has told you that age matters. Okay, here she is giving you yet another excuse for your inevitable break up. She would rather date older guys. Most women do. That is until they hit fourty and get divorced. Then those twenty year old black models start looking pretty good. She is keeping your relationship a secret. Now this has got to tick you off. She is basically telling you that you are not good enough for her and she is embarrassed about your black videos for some reason or another. When you truly love a person, you want to shout it to the world, no matter who the other person is.

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